Frequently Asked Questions

As a company executive or business owner, why should I consider for my business? is a rapid development and deployment platform. We created from the ground up to help developers of any experience level to deploy to applications to the Web (Cloud) with the least amount of effort possible. Please compare our "Hello World" tutorial to other serverless, PaaS/BaaS or cloud platforms, and you will notice that the approach is truly a single click deployment, and requires zero setup activities from your development team. With, you can rapidly build, deploy and iterate your applications more swiftly.

As a designer or front-end developer, why should I consider for my projects? helps designers and front-end developers to easily build backend data services, such as JSON or XML, which are required to complete any application user experience. With, front-end developers can quickly build server-side datasets callable by AJAX data requests.

As a back-end developer, why should I consider for my mobile or Web-based projects? is fast! Fast run-time speed, and fast development/implementation speed. leverages the power of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for its compile and run-time requirements. As a developer, you can rest assure your applications will scale with We also believe writing Groovy code is straightforward to learn and to master. With, your code may natively call any Java library, as quickly and as seamlessly, as any Java program.

Is only available via a public cloud or is an on-premise version also available? is available on the public cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, as well as, on-premise.

Does use the Oracle JDK or the OpenJDK? uses the OpenJDK, which eliminates Java licensing fees that were introduced by Oracle in early 2019.

What is's billing model?'s primary billing model is a monthly subscription fee. Payment details will be published soon. Currently, is considered a public beta, and is free to use (for now).

What are the supported programming languages?

Java and Groovy are the primary language supported by We are planning to support additional languages such as JavaScript, Kotlin, Ruby, and Python in the near future.

How is software deployed with

With, development, stage and production environments are pre-configured and ready to go. All code changes are deployed via a single click of the mouse.

How is software invoked: by call to a HTTP/HTTPS endpoint, triggered by event, scheduled, and so on? is a serverless development framework. You as the software developer determine how the software is invoked. We place no boundaries on the invocation of the software written using

Are logging and monitoring both available with

Professional versions of, provide both application logging and monitoring. Free version of does not provide any logging or monitoring support.

Integration with other providers and third-party services?

Yes, we support third-party integrations. Please visit the Code Examples section on our Home page to learn how to integrate with third-party APIs.